Diversity Crisis Rapid Response Plan

It’s too late to plan in the midst of a crisis!

Amid the unprecedented ongoing racial unrest across the nation, it becomes vitally important to have an emergency preparedness response plan and management protocols in place for crisis incidents for diversity-centered incidents. As an inclusive leader, it is important to protect your employees, staff, and stakeholders at all times. The question is not if, but when, a diversity-based crisis manifests, it will be too late to plan in the midst of a crisis! A diversity crisis rapid response plan can save your organization’s reputation; it can save time, energy, and resources, but more importantly, it can save lives!

The Diversity Crisis Rapid Response Plan is a six-month program designed to provide guidance in developing a rapid response plan that can be implemented immediately. The Diversity Crisis Rapid Response Plan framework to help your organization:

Identify potential diversity crisis scenarios in the workplace.

Provide a flexible set of response modules.

Define and assign the diversity crisis team.

Outline roles and responsibilities of the diversity crisis team.

Develop steps to take in a diversity crisis event.

Outline procedures to follow.

Provide a platform for testing and improvement.



What you get:

Unlimited access to “Inclusive Leaders Crisis Management” Masterclass Series
(six modules below)

Six monthly team meetings with a diversity expert

Branded online portal & dashboard for developing a customized response plan

Digitized diversity crisis rapid response plan template

Weekly “office hours” for Q & A

Inclusive Leaders Crisis Management Masterclass Series


The Tsunamic Shift: New Leadership
Responsibilities During Racial Unrest

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As an inclusive leader, you probably feel you’re in a race against time. You must make difficult decisions to navigate the current challenges of racial unrest, while at the same time build, maintain & protect your communities of belonging. However, you must “put your oxygen mask on first,” before helping others. Let’s identify what YOU need and find ways to replenish your energy & reserves.


Crisis Management:
Communicating + Connecting

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Communication leads to trust and trust leads to robust communities of belonging. However, during a crisis communication and connection can easily fracture and lead academic communities vulnerable and on the path for destruction. A communication + connection plan helps communities remain strong during the crisis and a pathway to recovery from its impact. More importantly, it illuminates the “hidden voices” of the organization in order to make sure systems are in place for support for the sometimes forgotten.


The Power of Place:
Dismantling non-inclusive “themes and messages”

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Physical surroundings communicate values. During a crisis, non-inclusive “themes and messages” naturally amplify and can inadvertently push people away rather than invite them in. Develop a critical “eye” to quickly identity & mediate non-inclusive messages to protect all stakeholders during a very vulnerable time.


Aligning Strategic Priorities
During a Diversity-Based Crisis

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Having an emergency plan is essential during the time of a crisis. However, to create one in the midst of the crisis is difficult. As an inclusive leader has the foresight to set up emergency preparedness responses and protocols to protect your stakeholders at the onset of the crisis.


Designing a
Rapid Response Team

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A “first responder” team is imperative to communicate, cooperate & innovate in the midst of a crisis.